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Scott G. Beattie
Professional & Educational Background

Scott Beattie is a tax attorney and board certified specialist in estate planning, trust and probate law. Mr. Beattie’s mission at Beattie & Aghazarian, LLP, is to deliver the best strategies available to clients seeking to build, manage and protect their wealth for themselves and their families.


Since 1991, Mr. Beattie has designed and implemented hundreds of estate and wealth preservation plans. His work ranges from basic estate planning, such as the design and drafting of Wills and Living Trusts, to more advanced planning strategies using Partnerships, LLCs, Irrevocable Gift Trusts, Intra-Family Sales, Charitable Trusts and other advanced solutions.


In the area of Real Estate Law, Scott Beattie and his team work with clients on property tax issues, acquisitions & sales, commercial loan workouts, tax deferred exchanges and tax efficient ownership structures.


In recent years Mr. Beattie developed the theme of “Taming Your Property Taxes” and designed strategies to find a silver lining for clients who acquired real estate during the high value era (2000 to 2008). By restructuring real estate holdings, Mr. Beattie’s strategies produce long term property tax savings. To date his program has resulted in annual property tax savings for commercial and multi-family property owners ranging from $5,000 to $75,000 per year. These solutions have delivered clients long term savings over extended holding periods (e.g., 15-50 years).


Strategies such as these allow Scott Beattie and his team at Beattie & Aghazarian to offer unique services in the legal profession and planning solutions offering his clients dramatic savings which frequently exceed the cost of the planning.